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Fond Farewell to a Friend

August 7, 2006

Bye Barnaby

After about 5 months, I finally got around to donating my old car, my beloved Nissan 240SX. Barnaby was good to me since I bought him back in 1999, but he was definitely showing his age and starting to become a bit of a money-pit. Back in March I replaced him with a gently used Honda Civic which I’ve been very happy with so far. When I bought my new car, I decided that I wanted to donate my old one, but due to business, procrastination, and a few other usual suspects in the bad excuses lineup, I never got around to it until last week.

For the donation, I went through, because it seemed stupid easy and they allow you to pick from, like, a kajillion charities. I filled out the web donation form Monday, got a call from a towing company Tuesday, and my car was picked up Wednesday. Nice turnaround, I say. The whole process was painless – from an organizational and logistical perspective at least.

I borrowed a digital camera and snapped a few pics before I said goodbye forever. Just for kicks, I thought I would try out one of these new photo sharing services instead of uploading them to my old site. Flickr seems to be what all the cool kids like to use, so I created an account an uploaded all my photos into a “set”. Also, I’ve heard good things about Picasa, and Google recently released a web albums feature, so I decided to give that a shot too.

Linkage: flickr set Picasa album

Both were simple enough to get set up. Flickr’s upload time seemed faster, but I had to upload the photos in two batches. Then I had to sort them into a “set”. I used the OSX Picasa Web Album uploader standalone app (because I don’t have iPhoto), which seemed to upload to my Picasa web album just fine. I don’t really have anything of note to mention about the two services yet, seeing as I’ve spent a whopping 5 minutes interacting with both of them, combined. Maybe I could post a nice comparison. Or better yet, maybe this guy can do it for me.