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Pitchfork + RSS

June 15, 2006

I have been using unofficial Pitchfork RSS feeds from for awhile now.  It seems today that everyone’s favorite online indie music mag is finally putting up official feeds:

Source: » Finally: Official Pitchfork RSS Feeds

It appears that the RSS upgrades are currently in progress, so some or all of the above feeds may not be working.  If all of the above feeds are implemented, it is certainly good news. The “Best New Music” feed sounds promising, and the Free Downloads will be nice if it can be made into a podcast.

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throwing up the horns, Norse style

June 11, 2006


Can you find fault with this 4 minute slice of genius? I submit that there is none.

I so taken by this clip that I had to learn of its origins. A little Googlin' led me to the following two artists.

The music is a track called "War Photographer" by Jason Forrest. This track, and 9 of its friends live on an album called Shamelessy Exciting. Jason also has a Myspace page, if you're into that sort thing.

The animation is the work of Joel Trussel. You can find more of his great work at his blog.

Rock on.